Fulbright-Hays 2009

Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program
Understanding India’s Cultural Heritage
Summer 2009

The Center for South Asia (CSA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to serve as the host of the pre-departure orientation for the Summer 2009 Fulbright Seminar program to India. We are delighted to be collaborating with the US Department of Education Fulbright office and with the United States-India Educational Foundation in New Delhi.

2009 Fulbright Teacher Participants:

Carole A. Ambroziak                7th-8th grade Social Studies Teacher
Carrie A. Block                          6th grade Ancient Civilizations (World Cultures) Teacher
Connie R. Greenleaf                 K-6 ELL Teacher and District Coordinator
Katherine E. Clary                    K-8 Visual Arts Teacher
Patricia J. Bartels
Jane D. Hundley                       K-12 Social Studies Coordinator
Lois D. Rothman                      Elementary School Art Teacher
Jamey B. Barrows                    2nd grade Special Ed (all subjects) Teacher
Carla L. Hurchalla
Michael J. Cooper                   K-2 Art Teacher
Christy L. Cardinale               7th grade American History & Geography Teacher
Denise Lutter                          Middle School Music Teacher
Mark F. Teseniar                    Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Susan C. Underwood             7th grade World Geography Teacher
Carole L. Pickett                     Elementary school Principal
Zsuzsa Nemeth

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