Kathleen Crowley, June 26, 2006

We are in India!!!
by Kathleen Crowley
June 26, 2006

We are in India!!! We had somewhat of a mishap at O’Hare with confusion regarding who had the paper tickets, yet, it all turned out and here we are. We made it safely.

The minute we passed through immigration in the Chennai airport it sank in..it was real…the trip we had mentally, physically and spritually prepared for was now beginning. To see Rachel waiting for us was so powerful! It felt so good to be starting that journey. It is very overwhelming in so many ways.

We were greeted with beautiful flower leis that we realized are made all over the streets in India. They are so gorgeous! The sweet fragrance of the flowers was very comforting.

Photo by David Piovanetti

We were also struck with humidity and heat that seemed unbearable but soon our bodies adjusted. It was awesome to experience it is a group, as the 2005 Fulbright Group.

It has been wonderful already in our first days, and it is only going to get better. This is really the experience of a lifetime.