Kaise Jeebo Re! (How Do I Survive, My Friend!)

By Anurag Singh and Jharana Jhaveri
80 min., 1997

In the name of “national interest” men, women and children have been forced out of their homes and lands so that a dam, a mine, a factory or a wildlife sanctuary can be built. Their struggles against this process have been crushed, marginalized or ignored. What happens to their lives after uprootment? The film meets them in India’s city-streets and rural areas as labor, rickshaw-puller, domestic help and the uprooted. “Kaise Jeebo Re!” records the victims account of this uprootment, in this case caused by dams built on the river Narmada; Bargi Dam in the Central state of Madhya Pradesh. It records the arduous and heroic story of a people who have come together to fight a determined battle for justice.