Don Vincent July 6, 2005

TVS Lakshmi Higher Secondary School
by Don Vincent
July 6, 2005

Another great yoga session with Divyananda to start the day. After breakfast, we rode in the vans as they made their way to Madurai. Our destination was the TVS Lakshmi Higher Secondary School, a private K-12 school of 4,222 children.

The principal introduced us at a school assembly. He spoke to the children about values and it was obvious that the children were very respectful and focused on his every word. He spoke about the importance of enjoying your work and having pride in 
the final product.

To reward students for good behavior, the school had purchased books for the students. We were asked to pass these out as the students names were announced.

Sarah is passing out a rewards book

We got a tour of the school by the assistant principal who told me she volunteered to show us around because she enjoys showing her school. They had prepared a nice lunch for us as we spoke to the principal and other staff members.

In the afternoon many of the us were introduced to a class and was asked to answer questions and teach a lesson or two. It was fun to teach again!

I am teaching a 10th standard Physics class

The students were so enthusiastic and had 100’s of questions.

Being in this school and teaching the 10th standard Physics class was a highlight of the trip for me so far. We returned to CESCI for dinner and a special check in.


Two young girls enjoying a moment with an American teacher