After Shock

By Rakesh Sharma
65 min., (NTSC)

Aftershocks: the Rough Guide to Democracy
In a globalised world the economic interests of giant corporate companies come ever more in conflict with the basic needs of the common man. Here the lowest level of the Indian democracy, the Indian village, comes in the way of commercial development in the new world economy. Aftershock is a touching documentary from the Kutch (Gujarat, India) area, devastated by earthquake on January 26, 2001. Over twenty thousand people died and even more homes were destroyed. But this documentary is neither about the earthquake nor about brave relief volunteers. The director worked as a volunteer in the villages of Julrai and Umarsar. By accident he stumbles upon a delegation from the government-owned Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation while they are forcing people from their homes. The company officials see this earthquake as a god-given opportunity to acquire this land for their own benefit. People are being chased from their land without the rest of the worlds noticing. Not a single story of these events reached television or newspapers in India. The only report exists in the form a relief volunteers documentary, using a DV cam – digital video camera.

The director Rakesh Sharma has worked extensively in film and television since 1985. He works as a consultant for broadcasting channels in the areas of programming, on-air presentation and live television.