A Woman’s Place

1-hour documentary
Writer: Paromita Vohra
Editors: Maria Nicolo & Talat Shah

A Woman’s Place is a national production of Maryland Public Television.

We bet you wouldn’t think that there would be similarities in the fight for equality in South Africa, India, and the Midwest in our own United States. Maryland Public Television’s program and companion Web site, A Woman’s Place profiles women from three different countries who are fighting for balance and equality in today’s world. The central question that the documentary explores is “Can new laws change old way?” The companion Web site provides an extensive, 36-page Educational Guide for the film and beyond.

A WOMAN’S PLACE Project is an international collaborative of women working through media and education to address issues of gender equity and contribute to the process of social change. The Project evolved from an international documentary series on issues of gender and power and now encompasses international outreach and education efforts as well as media education projects with women.